Mojin - The Lost Legend 3D Blu Ray 2015

Mojin - The Lost Legend 3D Blu Ray 2015

Year: 2015
Country: China
Producer: Wuershan
Duration: 2h 7 min.
Cast: Kun Chen, Angelababy, Qi Shu, Keith Collea, Alex Eckstorm, Marianna German, Sandra Gumuzzio, Bo Huang, Xi Huang, Lorie Kellogg
Subtitles: German, English
Language: German, Chinese
Language SBS: English, Chinese, Russian
IMDB: 6.0
1 786
Story 3D Movie

En 1988, trois voleurs de tombes - Hu Bai, Wang Qixuan et Shirley Yang - ont abandonné le vol de tombes et ont déménagé à New York. Bien que Bai et Shirley aient une relation amoureuse, Wang estime que le grand Mojin mérite une meilleure situation financière et, ayant accepté l'offre de la société de trouver l'enterrement d'une déesse, retourne dans son pays natal.

Essayant de sauver leur ami des ennuis, Bai et Shirley le suivent in the movies Mojin - The Lost Legend 3d blu ray.

Review 3D Movie

It's one of those movies that I knew I'd be interested in, going to the theaters. the poster screams action and adventure like Indiana Jones. It's a buddy movie with a little romance and fantastic imagery. It's how the Chinese are doing epic these days, outdoing the American blockbuster, or at least giving it a valiant effort.  The special effects are boss, and the movie comes with a great assortment of charters in a story that untangles in a way that keeps you interested in what happens next.

But I have to admit, Mojin is not as charming and amusing as they think of themselves, but that might have more to do with the cultural differences. One of my favorite parts was a scene were the characters just began to drop f-bombs like it was nothing. It felt like the use of this word was not as bad in China as it is in America (especially in sub title form), but it made for a good unexpected laugh from a movie I would have assumed was rated PG-13.

Mojin is definitely visually amazing. I could watch the imagery for days and it has a great story tied to it. Nice blockbuster made in china.

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Trailer Mojin - The Lost Legend 3D Blu Ray 2015
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