Year: 2014
Country: Hong Kong
Producer: Roy Hin Yeung Chow
Duration: 2h 11 min.
Format 3D: Blu Ray 3D, SBS 3D
Cast: Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Eddie Peng, Luodan Wang, Boran Jing, Jin Zhang, Cho-Lam Wong, Junjie Qin, Jiayi Feng, Byron Mann
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Language: English, Chinese
IMDB: 6.5
1 788
Story 3D Movie

Young and brave fighter Won Feihong is noticed by the leader of one of the two largest gangs that control power in Guangdong province. The boss invites the young man to join the gang, but he does not know that this only helps Won Feihun to carry out his plan. Many years ago, the master's father was killed by members of this gang, and he vowed to take revenge at all costs in the movies RISE OF THE LEGEND 3d blu ray.

Review 3D Movie

The movie is about the early days of Wong Fei Hung, a real person in late-19th century/early 20th-century China whose deeds have been greatly embellished and made into dozens of films and TV series. He is the same character portrayed by Jet Li in the Once Upon a Time series.

However, the film itself has almost nothing to do with the real person. The main character uses the WFH name and his father conjures up familiar memories of a umbrella-wielding kung fu master popularized by the Iron Monkey film. Also, in the real-life tales of WFH's heroic deeds, it is said that he took on a dock gang in his early days, which this movie loosely portrays.

Other than that, this movie could have simply been a standalone film. But the WFH name is famous throughout China and no doubt was used to sell more tickets.

Although the use of CGI and wire is very noticeable at times, the overall look and choreography of the film is very good. Unfortunately, as is common with Chinese films, too much attention is paid to the look, but not enough to the substance. 

Ultimately the movie does not break any new ground. As is common in Chinese action films, characters again do inexplicably idiotic things for the sake of creating "drama" or "emotion" and to create convenient scenarios to push the plot along without any serious attempt to explain WHY. 

Overall, it's not a bad movie but it's also little more than another typical Chinese flick that looks good but doesn't do anything beyond that.

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Trailer RISE OF THE LEGEND 3D Blu Ray 2014
Latest comments (3)
  1. 3 March 2022 22:30
    neither the subtitles nor the language is available English in the actual iso download. 
  2. kajkosz
    26 March 2022 00:40
    BEWARE! it's russian only, no chinese no english!!! and no subtitles. fuck!
  3. Elsius
    11 April 2022 07:56
    Yes, It is in Russian. I downloading it anyway.

    I then downloaded a Dubbed English - You can get it on RARBG which is almost impossible as there are barely seeders.

    You can find it on YouTube as well but it's AAC 2.0 audio. It's still good.

    I got the one with AAC 5.1 audio from RARBG and extracted the audio. I then converted it to DTS-HD using DVDFab.

    I then use MKVToolNIX to mix them. They will be out of sync. I used VLC to identified time out of sync and applied them in MKVToolNIX.

    I now have a perfect 3D movie in English with perfect DTS-HD 5.1 sound. It's outstanding. 
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