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One of the Avengers' superheroes in the new film is now in 3d. The Black Panther, the king of his country is ready for everything and now he has to prove it. Watch the movie about superheroes only in 3d!

After the events of 'The First Avenger: Confrontation' T'Challa (Chadwick Bozeman) returns to his homeland - insulated and technically advanced African country Wakanda to assume its new leader powers. However, soon T'Challet has to enter the battle for the throne, since many factions also seek to seize power over Wakida. When two opponents T'Challa organize a plot to destroy the country, the Black Panther decides to team up with CIA agent Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) and members of the organization 'Dora Miladzhe' to protect Wakanda from being drawn into a new world war.
'Black Panther' - a superhero action, which is the 18th film from the cinematic Marvel. Distribution pattern will Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, director acts Ryan Kugler ( 'Creed Legacy Rocky'), who wrote the script with Joe Robert Cole.

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Black Panther has got people throbbing, some saying it gave rise to Africa in the MCU. Critic's seem to all love it... reviews have been rave, even before the movie actually opened in Theaters. I found it funny, touching, strong as well as weak at some points... I do have to say that it has been over-hyped. It's not as good as Age of Ultron, and many of MCU releases. It didn't have a true villain we grew hatred for, Killmonger was just some angry kid to be honest. The women, do pick it up though, I'd hang a few but all of them did this movie good. Their roles infused well with the plot, and none of them disappointed me. To be honest with everyone else, I'd pretty much say that (as a black person) we loved Black Panther for it's cast and setting... Culturally - Black Panther is one of the greatest film's ever made, but Critically - It doesn't really deserve the universal acclaim. 7/10

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