The Peanuts Movie 3D Blu Ray 2015

The Peanuts Movie 3D Blu Ray 2015

Year: 2015
Country: USA, Canada
Producer: Steve Martino
Duration: 1h 28 min.
Format 3D: Blu Ray 3D
Cast: Noah Schnapp, Bill Melendez, Hadley Belle Miller, Francesca Capaldi, Kristin Chenoweth, Alex Garfin, Noah Johnston, Bill MelendezHadley Belle Miller, Micah Revelli, Noah SchnappVenus Schultheis
IMDB: 7.1
Story 3D Movie
In the Peanuts Movie 3d blu ray Snoopy – the cutest dog in the world - besides, a cool pilot-goes on an incredible aerial adventure in pursuit of the main villain Red Baron. At this time, his friend Charlie Brown begins a truly epic adventure!
Review 3D Movie
I have always been a fan of the Peanuts specials like a Charlie Brown Christmas for it's great humor and creative stories. When I heard of this film, I really had high hopes for this film and the trailers were hilarious. OK, now lets go to detail on the film.

The story is about Charlie Brown trying to become a winner to redeem himself and impress a new red haired girl. It may not sound engaging, but once you watch it, it's really a good story even if it's at times predictable. As for Snoopy's subplot with fighting the red baron, I've got to admit, it may be filler, but it's really funny and even creative but it doesn't have to do with Charlie Brown. In this subplot, Snoopy has a love interest as well. As for the humor, I didn't think that the jokes in the trailer were as funny as the ones you see in the movie. They are just hilarious. There are also great references to other specials. So overall, this is a good enough screen play for a Charlie Brown film.

The animation in this movie may've bagged the 2-D and made 3-D instead, it is just amazing. The backgrounds are just breathtaking in the red baron scenes because it showed it unlike the Charlie Brown Halloween where the flying scenes only showed the sky. Charlie Brown and his friends may look a bit simplistic, but it's OK. The animation showed that they could bring peanuts to Computer Animation. It looks almost flawless and maybe even a bit hand drawn. So you've got to look into this great texture of hair and backgrounds, it's that amazing.

The characters in this movie are unforgettable just like the classics. The side characters like Lucy and Snoopy are just hilarious and fun to watch even if they are just 2-D. The main character, Charlie Brown is 3 dimensional and he try's to accomplish his goals. He's also lovable because he shows helpfulness and honesty. Then there's the little red haired girl whose face was revealed for the first time since the 1977 Charlie Brown short, "Its your first kiss, Charlie Brown". Even though they revealed her unlike the comic strips, she's still really cute, and uses her very few lines in the movie to tell Charlie Brown about how she liked him for who he was, which was sweet.

If you're a fan of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, go watch this film, Even people who never watched the Peanuts cartoons or read the comics should watch it. The only people I don't recommend it to are those who hate Peanuts because even though its modern, its still Peanuts. One additional detail I would like to make is the fact that we never see one cell phone nor computer in the movie. This shows that the environment stayed around the 1960s era. So go watch it, it's a treat.
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Blu-ray 3D: 42.12 GB

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Trailer The Peanuts Movie 3D Blu Ray 2015
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