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Story 3D Movie

In the film Fright Night 3D, high school student Charlie Brewster took off: he became part of a cool party and began dating the most popular girl in school. He even started teasing his best friend. But suddenly everything changes. Jerry's new neighbor seems to be an ordinary person at first glance, but Charlie senses that something is wrong. Everyone around, including Charlie's mom, doesn't notice. Having established surveillance of a neighbor, Charlie learns a terrible secret: his neighbor is a vampire! Desperate to convince others of this, Charlie decides to find a way to get rid of the monster personally.

Review 3D Movie

What should be the remake of the successful horror of the 80s, so as not to turn into another disappointment like the new Nightmare on Elm Street? Merry fellow Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl / Lars and the Real Girl / (2007) knows the answer - funny. We need to call Colin Farrell to play the role of vampire, for loyalty to dress him in an alcoholic T-shirt and make him languidly bite an apple. with their eternal broken hearts and pitiful self-digging, his Jerry looks at the same time a breath of fresh air and a spit in the face of the whole industry. Well, thanks to the hero's Winnipuh belief that the main thing is to eat in time, to the delight of slasher fans, three-dimensional human scraps.
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