The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands 3D Blu Ray 2018

The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands 3D Blu Ray 2018

Year: 2018
Country: Russian
Producer: Robert Lence, Aleksey Tsitsilin
Duration: 1h 24 min.
Format 3D: Blu Ray 3D
Cast: Nikolai Bystrov, Anton Eldarov, Lori Gardner, Vanessa Gardner, Devin Bailey Griffin, Jason Griffith, Graham Halstead, Laurie Hymes, Samia Mounts, Samara Naeymi, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Subtitles: French
Language: French, English
IMDB: 5.4
Story 3D Movie
The mighty King Haggard almost lost his family to the Snow Queen. He finds a way to purge the world of magic — all those with magical abilities are now trapped in the Looking Glass. Only Gerda can stop him and prevent the fairy tale from disappearing from our world forever. After all, its main strength is not in magic, but in faith in kindness and friendship. In the new adventure, trolls, pirates, and even the Snow Queen Mirrorlands 3d blu ray herself will come to Gerda's aid.
Review 3D Movie
The strong suit of this franchise is the characters, but with each installment these likable characters grow into even more-likable characters as the studio clearly shows their ability to learn and grow with each film. My greatest compliments go to the Snow Queen herself, as I felt that every moment she was on screen, I found myself liking her fearsome, yet motherly presence as she helps Gerda along with her journey. Gerda on the other hand has seen a lot of development throughout the series, and this film is no less a demonstration of that.

The soundtrack is pretty average, enjoyable but nothing too special aside from the occasional themes mixed in from the older films. This is a nice touch as it helps tie this film in with the rest of the franchise.

The story is simple. Bad guy, not really bad guy, wants to get rid of magicians, finds the Snow Queen's magic portal, finds that only magic users can pass through it and devises a way to trap them in. After our heroine learns about this she sets off on a journey to set them free. Really simple.. to some maybe too simple. Whatever this film may lack in story it seems to make up for it by delivering action, comedy, adventure, and even some romance.

Given this is the 4th film in the series I can't say I was disappointed, especially since the film kept throwing unexpected surprises my way. Of the four films, I would gladly state that this is my favorite, followed shortly by the third film.

Blu-ray 3D: 30.83 GB

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Trailer The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands 3D Blu Ray 2018
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