Charade 3D Blu Ray 1963

Charade 3D Blu Ray 1963

Year: 1963
Country: USA
Producer: Stanley Donen
Duration: 1h 53 min.
Genre: Comedy 3D
Format 3D: Blu Ray 3D
Cast: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn, George Kennedy, Dominique Minot, Ned Glass, Jacques Marin, Paul Bonifas
Language: English
IMDB: 7.9
Story 3D Movie
In the movie Charade 3d blu ray the husband, whom the heroine (Hepburn) married by calculation, was killed and thrown off the train, and when she returned home to her Paris apartment, she found that everything in the house was sold at auction for 250 thousand dollars. At the embassy, she was told that her husband was a CIA agent, and she would not be left alone until she returned the money hidden by her husband. She is helped by a friend (Cary Grant), whom she "accidentally" met at a ski resort.
Review 3D Movie
Let's see: what we got here is one of the best romantic-comedy/thriller scripts ever made, one of the best Hollywood directors from 50's and 60's, the more elegant and classy actress ever (Audrey Hepburn), the more elegant and classy actor ever (Cary Grant), two of the best "tough guys" from the big screen (G. Kennedy and James Coburn), one of the best comedy actors ever (Walter Matthau), and the city of Paris. Nothing could possibly go wrong, don't you think?

Audrey Hepburn is Reggie Lambert, an American girl married to a swiss guy called Charles Lambert (at least that's what she thinks)... She's spending her holidays in some ski resort with her best girlfriend Sylvie and the son of hers. Reggie has decided to divorce her husband, so she gets back to Paris. Once there she found out that her husband's been killed. From this moment on she gets involved in the funniest spy plot ever.

Watching Charade you'll have an smile on your face from the beginning till the very end. And you'll burst out laughing in many moments of the movie. Stanley Donen gets out of every sequence very skillfully and, as he did before in Seven Brides or Singin' In The Rain, he probes he's an outstanding filmmaker. There're two names that come into my mind every time I watch this movie: Alfred Hitchcock and Blake Edwards. In Charade, Stanley Donen merged suspense and romantic-comedy in the best possible way. Actor's selection is just perfect, the chemical between Hepburn and Grant is simply unbeatable. One more perfect couple to add to Hollywood's Couple's Hall Of Fame: side by side with Katharine Hepburn-Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn-Cary Grant (him once again!), Lauren Bacall-Humphrey Bogart... It's not easy to find two actors so compatible. What to say about George Kennedy or James Coburn? Best known for their roles in action movies, they do their best as CIA agents. And least but not less, we got Walter Matthau, one of the best comedy actors ever (I should've put Walter Matthau-Jack Lemon in my Couple's Hall Of Fame!) doing the best he can (that is a lot!) as (in principle) an American Embassy employee.

So if you liked North By Northwest or Breakfast At Tiffany's, if you think that there's never been a more classy actress than Audrey Hepburn, if you do believe that Cary Grant's been one of the more talented actors ever (and one of the funniest ones)... please, don't miss Charade. You'll spend one of the times of your life.

My Rate: 10/10 or even higher.

Blu-ray 3D: 23.14 GB

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Trailer Charade 3D Blu Ray 1963
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16 August 2021 07:04
I'm confused and very upset! This movie was never filmed in 3D, so, it can't be true 3D movie of that era and must be a conversion which has NOT been labeled as such. Also, if this is a conversion, it is the WORST conversion I've ever encountered. The conversion must have been done out of someone’s garage/bathroom, rather than professionally done to say the least. It is hard to believe your website would even post such a terrible video, do you not verify the quality of the movies you post and then try to sell subscriptions to view. This is truly disgraceful and should be removed ASAP and not just relabeled a VERY BAD conversion. I'd go so far as to say someone has faked this for your website, so you can then try to pass off this extreme fake as a viable 3D movie people would be interested in viewing. By NOT verifying the quality of the 3D movies you offer, can only HURT your reputation. What a horrible thing to have let happen, even once! Personally, I'd NEVER trust the source of this dreadful video again!
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