The Mad Magician 3D Blu Ray 1954

The Mad Magician 3D Blu Ray 1954

Year: 1954
Country: USA
Producer: John Brahm
Duration: 1h 12 min.
Genre: Horrors 3D
Format 3D: Blu Ray 3D
Cast: Vincent Price, Mary Murphy, Eva Gabor, John Emery, Donald Randolph, Lenita Lane, Patrick O'Neal, Jay Novello, Corey Allen, Conrad Brooks
Subtitles: English
Language: English
IMDB: 6.6
1 449

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Story 3D Movie

Magician Don Gallico makes his stage debut. But the premiere is disrupted due to the fact that his promoter, Don Ormond, has already sold the tricks invented by Gallico to the famous magician Rinaldi. But Gallico is also a big expert on masks and makeup. When he finds out that all his tricks are already known to Rinaldi, he puts makeup on his face and goes to a bloody massacre in the movie The Mad Magician 3d blu ray.

Review 3D Movie

This is essentially a variation on House Of Wax ,in both the plot and the type of role played by the star of both movies ,Vincent Price.In both pictures he plays a talented artist who is sent toppling over the edge into insanity when his creations are usurped by other,less talented and less scrupulous people .In this movie he plays a designer of illusions for stage magicians who aspires to set out on a performing career himself only to be frustrated when another illusionist ,the Great Rinaldo (John Emery)insists that he honour his contract and give him first choice of any illusions he designs.Price is already ill disposed towards Rinaldi as his former wife is now a paramour of Rinaldi. He deploys his talents as an illusionist and as a brilliant mimic to avenge himself upon Rinaldi and others who thwart his plans for recognition as a performer and a designer.

Price is pretty much the whole show here and gives a well judged star turn as a wronged man whose predicament earns audience sympathy.The rest of the cast are competent if colourless and the weight of the whole venture falls on Price who carries the burden with ease .

Good solid B Movie melodrama , this is a crime movie rather than a horror picture and is enjoyable providing you don't expect a masterpiece .Shot in black and white it is low on gore and is best seen as melodrama and enjoyed for the presence of its star giving an idiosyncratic performance

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Trailer The Mad Magician 3D Blu Ray 1954
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  1. 3dfan
    28 April 2021 12:55
    This one and all 3D bluray ISO-files you published the last weeks have many read errors. Everything before that was ok. What is happening?
  2. 3D Enthusiast
    5 January 2022 06:47
    I agree with “3dfan”, something is terribly wrong with this file. I mentioned this directly in a chat session long ago, however; apparently NOTHING has been done to correct the problem.
    I did not post a comment before about this, because I said it all in a chat many months ago. I decided to finally make an official comment complaining about this corrupted file, since nobody has commented about fixing the situation after all this time regardless the previous complaints.
    I’m hopeful someone will finally take this matter seriously, upload a corrected Blu-ray 3D ISO, then post a comment that the problem has been fixed so everyone knows it is FINALLY time to re-download the newer file we are all waiting on for over 8 months currently.
    To be clear, “3dfan” mentioned this 8 months ago, then I did in a chat 4 months later because nobody had still bothered to fix the problem. I was told in the chat it would be fixed, however, there is still no word/comment about this being done after all this time. If you are not going to fix this, please remove the webpage for this movie altogether so other will not spend the time downloading this corrupted file too. This webpage has seen 526 visitors currently, so why would you not have fixed this immediately 8 months ago rather then disappoint hundreds of people like myself by allowing them to download a KNOWINGLY corrupt file filled with numerous errors.
  3. Member
    13 August 2022 03:26
    the same, file is corrupted
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