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3d movies download site presents a new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 3D British director Guy Ritchie (“Cards, Money, Two Barrels”, “Sherlock Holmes”) returns with a new film. This time the director will take us to the world of fantasy adventure epic King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 3D, which was based on the legends of King Arthur.

Young Arthur (Charlie Hannam) leads a gang that trades in the alleys of Londinium. Together with his people, the hero controls several districts of the city, protecting their population from the atrocities that the king creates. In addition, Arthur hunts for small robbery, fights and robbery, not knowing what kind of life he was born for. However, everything changes when the legendary Excalibur sword falls into his hands.

Instantly evoking the magical power of Excalibur, Arthur is forced to change and make some difficult decisions. He meets a mysterious girl named Guinevere (Astrid Berger-Frisbee), and also joins the resistance movement. Now the fate of all of England is in his hands, because Arthur will not only have to overcome his inner demons, but also unite the people around him to overthrow the ominous magi-tyrant Vortigern (Jude Law) and return the throne belonging to him by birthright.

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Prince Vortigern (Jude Law) uses black magic and seizes power in medieval Londinium, the capital of England. He manages to kill his brother, King Uther, and get rid of the queen, but before his death, the royal couple rescues Arthur's little heir. The boy is brought up in the scrub of the city and grows into an influential and enterprising, but decent bandit (Charlie Hannam), who 'covers' the trade and brothels. Years go by, and a stone that was previously under water, into which Excalibur is stuck — Uther's sword, which gave the king superhuman power, comes to the surface. Only a son of a former ruler can pull a sword out of a stone. Vortigern decides to use this opportunity to find his nephew and get rid of him. All men of the right age are driven to the stone, and Arthur, who has long forgotten his origin, is among the subjects.

The story of King Arthur’s 3d ascension to the throne is one of the favorite British legends. She was told many times in 3d movies and on TV, and by and large the new blockbuster Guy Ritchie adds little to her. 'The sword of King Arthur' - the most traditional story about a slum boy who learns the secret of his royal background and with the help of old friends and new advisers (there are people in England who are loyal to Uther) reveals to the 'sweet uncle' who Arthur is.

It would seem that a knight's story without romance is a waste of money, but Arthur is not a knight, but a kind-hearted bandyuk, and he does not need to know the words of love. So the Spanish-French actress Astrid Berger-Frisbee, depicting the nameless envoy of the sorcerer Merlin, in the film is engaged in business, not tricks. She instructs Arthur in matters of magic, helps the guy in battle, and that’s all. No passionate views and indecisive confessions. In addition, the sorceress looks like a heroin addict, so love with her is entertainment for the characters on the needle, and not for the future English king.

But every cloud has a silver lining. The Sword would benefit from a longer and more spectacular narrative, but in its current form it is a fast-moving film that almost does not let go of spectator attention. The carbonic soundtrack and the solid vision of the gloomy, but not depressive medieval England provide the picture with a thick atmosphere of high-budget adventure, and Charlie Hannam turned out to be a much better prince-thug than the pilot of the giant robot in the Pacific Rim. It is felt that the British not just like that for seven seasons he chopped off in the criminal television epopee Sons of Anarchy, where he played the leader of the biker group. Finally, the film has exactly as much successful humor as it should be in a blockbuster, which does not claim to be comedy, but does not want to seem overly serious. Heroes like Arthur always benefit from the ability to take time off.

7 out of 10


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