Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 3D Blu Ray 2023

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 3D Blu Ray 2023

Year: 2023
Country: United States
Producer: James Mangold
Duration: 2h 34 min.
Cast: Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Antonio Banderas
Conversion 2D to 3D by: JFC
IMDB: 6,8
5 333
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Story 3D Movie

In the movie Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 3D, the action takes place in 1969. The archaeologist and incorrigible adventurer Indiana Jones is no longer young. Having spent his entire life in endless adventures and quests, he now intends to step back from it all and try to live a quiet, peaceful life. However, his rest once again has to be postponed. Incredible adventures once again find Jones. The attention of the whole world is focused on the growing space race between the USA and the USSR. The American government plans to outpace its competitors and be the first to land on the Moon. But it turns out that this space project is led by former Nazis, headed by the scientist Waller. Jones and his friend Sallah learn that Dr. Waller and his team are not who they claim to be. The scientist plans to steal the ancient and highly magical artifact, the Dial of Destiny, which can be used to travel back in time and change history, along with the entire course of human history.

Understanding that it is absolutely imperative not to let the Nazis get hold of this valuable artifact, Jones decides to return to action and confront the cunning enemies once again. Together with his loyal friend Sallah and his niece Elena, he immerses himself in a world of dangerous adventures and embarks on a quest to find the ancient artifact that holds a dangerous power. Download and watch the 3D movie Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 3D Blu Ray 2023 originally was not released in 3D but has been converted to 3D specifically for the 3D-HD.CLUB, offering viewers an enhanced visual experience of the thrilling action sequences and special effects in the movie.

3D conversion by JFC

Review 3D Movie

Get ready for an epic adventure as Indiana Jones returns in 3D, brought to life by JFC. Join Indy in a heart-pounding quest filled with ancient mysteries, new allies and treacherous foes, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

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Trailer Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 3D Blu Ray 2023
Latest comments (15)
  1. Moon3D
    12 September 2023 02:03
    2h30 of show for a unique experience where JFC Aka The Magician pushes us to appreciate 3D more. And when we talk about 3D, let me tell you, it's worth it. From the beginning of the action scenes with the Nazis, this nice shot seen from below with the destroyed bridge with this beautiful light which crosses between each column and the whole marinated with a beautiful stereoscopic rendering and without forgetting the very aquatic sequence immersive. And there are many more I could mention. So watch again and enjoy. The question now remains if JFC intends to one day convert the first 4 adventures of India Jones???
  2. Michael Siebielec
    14 September 2023 11:41
    There was a lot of talk about this Indiana Jones movie not being up to the same standards as the previous films but it certainly has grown on me and I have really become a fan of what they did to end the franchise on a high note. And that note just got a lot higher due to the amazing job JFC has done on pushing all the action and drama into 3D in a way that sucks you right into the action. There are some terrific action scenes here that really are enhanced by the addition of depth that again shows that the studios shoot themselves in the foot by not offering the kind of well thought out 3D conversions that JFC continually provides. The first 20 minutes of the flashback sequence of a much younger and thoroughly believable Harrison Ford are a must see for any 3D or action film lover and it has been given all the loving treatment in JFC's bag of tricks to make it truly look like a natively shot sequence. But, that's just the beginning and there is much much more 3D goodness to had before we say goodbye to Indy in this fun film. Do yourself a favor and put this one on your 3D viewing list.
  3. Guest
    15 September 2023 12:09
    I hope that release will be with better sound stream than DD 640kb ... Please make it with DTS 5.1 or better
    1. 3DTARDIS
      15 September 2023 18:39
      Dolby Digital Plus with Atmos at 640kbps is the highest quality audio available until the Blu-ray versions are released, so *maybe* that track will get added then, but there's no way to add an audio track that isn't currently available.
  4. Guest
    16 September 2023 00:52
    Was able to do remux adding EAC ATMOS and forced subs from the 4K web-dl release.
  5. Guest
    19 September 2023 11:20
    Honest review:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the film and the 3D was really complimentary, BUT the quality could be even higher if more care was taken to remove some of the glaring flaws. It seems a bit like I am listening to a beautiful classical concert, but sometimes the soloist plays out of tune. That's a shame because the mistakes do not occur in very difficult parts and, in my opinion, could easily be remedied if a little more 'practice time' were taken.
    Still a beautiful concert, but the mistakes hurt the 'ears' (read: eyes) and, above all, detract from the magical experience.

    @JFC: just to make you even better; not only the difficult parts are important (FWWI, you nail them every time) but the easy parts also contribute in the overall experience. When I start a movie and just a few seconds later someone next to me says 'hey, that looked weird', I think a little more quality control could have prevented these kinds of easily corrected errors and taken the conversions to a much higher level. If it takes more time then so be it. So, here comes the elephant in the room: why a new release every week? Just do it the 'Nintendo way' and release when you're ready!
    1. JFC
      20 September 2023 20:09
      I get paid per film, if you want a perfect release, pay me $100k-150k per film depending on length and expect a 6-12 month wait.
      The amount i get paid per film does not justify the time I already spend on them currently, if you want perfection it is not free. Nor is it my aim, I appreciate and intentionally leave flaws to save my time. I am not a slave.

      I’m not going to drop the number of releases to one every 6 months or a year, i get a lot of requests, this is more than enough and better than you will get anywhere else.
      I am one guy, who used to do this as a job.
      If it’s not good enough for you, don’t download it, it doesn’t affect me and your complaint shouldn’t negatively affect everyone else who wants to see their requests worked on, that is a selfish take.
      1. 3Ddimension
        22 September 2023 01:21
        Unfortunately you are taking this completely wrong.

        I don't want a perfect release.
        I will rectify that: I do want a perfect release but also realise that's impossible and therefor not asked for it.

        True perfection is probably taking months but fixing some of these errors just multitude less. And I'm talking about just a few of errors here! Maybe some VIP's (I volunteer also) can help you to preview and scan for these errors if that's time conuming for you.

        You are one of the few people who have the skills to deliver us these beautiful 3D goods!

        I don't.

        But if I did, I didn't settle for 'more than enough' and 'better than elswhere' as we're solely depent on you.

        So don't call me selfish.
        Look at the one whose paying you. And - sorry to say - look at yourself.
        1. JFC
          22 September 2023 17:19
          None of my VIPs have any problem.
          You are paying the site, i do not get paid percentages, i get paid per film. People have demands for their films, i have a long request backlog and i do not get paid enough to deal with shit like this.

          Sorry to say, but if you think getting $40 for a 3 hour long film equals over 100 hours of work, then you’re condoning slavery.
          My high profile releases take between 5-10 days of manual work, and some of them i only get paid $30 for, maximum $40.

          How many hours of work would you do for $30?

          I didn’t even want to do Indiana Jones, this was a reluctant conversion, that i was underpaid for, and you have the audacity to complain when it is better than what anyone else will offer you?

          Completely insensitive, entitled and rude attitude, i could push 3-5 films per week to the site and they would still destroy, i would still get paid the exact same amount, but i put extra effort into some of them to make the fanbase happy, extra work that i do not get paid to do.
          That is kindness, not a necessity, and if you can’t handle some hiccups because i focus my hours on the more intense and important scenes, then I honestly don’t care about losing you as a supporter because you very clearly do not respect me, my time, or the choice to craft out as many of those high effort scenes, that i get paid nothing extra for, in the time that I have available.

          Comments like yours simply lead to less time spent on them because I don’t feel as if the extra time I do spend is appreciated at all.
  6. Guest
    20 September 2023 00:04

    I really enjoy your work but you should wait for the official bluray release and make the 3D conversion from that source, that way you will get the best result video/audio wise because the streaming source (your current source for new releases) is not the best quality avaliable.

    Thank you so much and keep the good work!
    1. JFC
      20 September 2023 20:01
      This is made from 4K. A blu-ray is 1080p.
      If it’s not for you, do not download it.
  7. Manni2
    22 September 2023 21:21
    Hi, don't know your problems. The Supporters does a great job of 3d content. This is the most importand. I tried my self to convert from 2d to 3d but the result was always a mess. I take the 3d video files removes the audio and add the german (often missing ) dts-hd or what ever from a blu-ray and fix the synchronisation lagg. So i am very glad that JFC invest so much time to spend great 3d conversions. Change the audio by yourself! If you need, i could create a tutorial.
    1. JFC
      25 September 2023 01:11
      There already is one, people just expect someone to hold their hand through everything and do everything for them, even when it is something so simple as adding their own language lol.
      So kind of you to offer to help them though, you’re a kind soul! 💕
  8. dan
    26 September 2023 02:03
    thank you for this great conversion was fun to watch another great work JFC thank you
  9. JC
    11 October 2023 09:26
    Very good 3d
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