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Previously, storks brought children to families, now the global online store is engaged in this, and storks work as couriers in it. In the cartoon Storks 3D, junior is one of the best in logistics. He loves his job and his company. Wanting to please the boss and embellish the company's achievements, he plans to make an advertising video that would tell about all the advantages of delivering toddlers through his service. But during filming, the miracle unit for distributing children breaks down and in the delivery department it turns out one more girl. This extraordinary event makes Junior personally ensure the delivery of the baby to the parents.

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Ever since the enraged stork tried to appropriate the baby to take to the family, birds no longer deliver babies. The storks have a new business - the delivery of parcels and parcels. Junior is the best employee in the company and is on the verge of being promoted to boss. Suddenly, through his fault, the 18-year-old orphan Buttercup - the same one that was never delivered by a crazy stork - activates a long-switched off machine that releases babies, and little Nate's sister is born. This is a gross violation of discipline, and Junior must deliver the child as soon as possible so that no one sniffs out anything. But since his wing is broken, he has to rely on the inventions of Buttercup, who has been constructing airplanes for a long time to fly like her bird friends. Meanwhile, Nate convinces his busy parents to help him build a landing site for the baby stork.

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