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Animation 3d movies
A skeleton's journey into a stereoscopic Hell.
IMDB: 7.6
SIZE: 2.15 GB
Animation 3d movies / VR Movies
Megamind is the most amazing villain in history. And the most unfortunate one.
IMDB: 7.2
SIZE: 16.92 GB
Animation 3d movies / VR Movies
Dusty Poleupole is a humble laborer who works as an agricultural sprayer at a small provincial airfield.
IMDB: 5.7
SIZE: 21.59 GB
Animation 3d movies
The story of a loser teenager named Adam embarks on an unforgettable journey to find his long-lost father.
IMDB: 6.1
SIZE: 27.63 GB
Animation 3d movies / VR Movies
A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place.
IMDB: 6.7
SIZE: 19.18 GB
Animation 3d movies / VR Movies
Remember Dory, the blue benevolent surgeon fish with memory lapses?
IMDB: 7.3
SIZE: 23.09 GB
Action 3d movies
In 2019, there was an epidemic that turned most of humanity into vampires.
IMDB: 6.4
SIZE: 18.61 GB
Documentary 3d movies
Filmmaker Ben Stassen and cinematographer Sean MacLeod Phillips return to southern Africa for a whole new adventure.
IMDB: 6.1
SIZE: 9.95 GB
Documentary 3d movies
Today, the work of engineers is more relevant than ever, and now plays an even more important role for humanity, being reflected in culture and thinking, thanks to which the new generation is
IMDB: 6.4
SIZE: 8.22 GB
Comedy 3d movies
Photophobic Zano, arrives in the city for the very first time.
IMDB: 5.6
SIZE: 16.58 GB
Adventure 3d movies / VR Movies
Tim Burton presents the film "Frankenwinnie 3d blu ray" – a touching story about the friendship of a boy and a dog. The dog Sparky, adored by the boy Victor, is killed in an accident. The boy, not
IMDB: 6.9
SIZE: 37.13 GB
Animation 3d movies / VR Movies
Kung Fu Panda 3d blu ray, the most powerful of all the animals that inhabit the Valley of Tranquility, against his will becomes the Chosen One, and is forced to confront the enemies that threaten to
IMDB: 7.6
SIZE: 33.94 GB