Spy Kids 3 Game Over 3D Blu Ray 2003

Spy Kids 3 Game Over 3D Blu Ray 2003

Year: 2003
Country: USA
Producer: Robert Rodriguez
Duration: 1h 24 min.
Cast: Daryl Sabara, Alexa PenaVega, Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Ricardo Montalban
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Language: English, Spanish
Language SBS: English, German, French, Russian
IMDB: 4.3
2 397
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3d movies
Story 3D Movie

The spies are getting older, but the enemies are getting stronger and more sophisticated. Now they have to fight with Sylvester Stallone himself. Agents Juni and Carmen Cortez are sent on a new mission. This time, they will travel through the virtual world of a 3-D video game designed to let the creatures that inhabit it came to the real world. Relying on humor, spy gadgets, bravery, family obligations and lightning-fast reactions, Spy Kids must complete more and more difficult game levels, including racing with road warriors and surfing in boiling lava. And all this in order to save the world from the power of another villain in the movies Spy Kids 3 Game Over 3d blu ray.

Review 3D Movie

Like a fairy tale, "Spy Kids 3-D" does not seem to stand up to criticism. It all started in the original, if anyone remembers, as the first children's parody of Bondiana, to all sorts of Cody Banks. But even in the original, the parody ended with the marriage of the parents: in fact, a flashback with the meeting of Banderas and Gugino was made cool and funny only at the beginning of the first series. Immediately after it, espionage turned into a tour of special effects, in the sequel this tour seemed very awkward, and in the triquel, paradoxically, "spy", that is, plot-motivational, passions already interfere with pure pleasure. Juni lost Carmen, and in principle, many children disappear, standing in line for the next release of the super-game, created by Cybergeny (funny Sylvester Stallone). Rodriguez's new girlfriend Selma Hayek in the franchise, as the mother of rival spy kids from the previous series, helps Juni go inside the virtual world. Then Grandpa Juni (Ricardo Montalban) will also be sent to him, and this is a good deed.

The artist Montalban has long been paralyzed in life, moves in a wheelchair, and here, delicately and joyfully, his head was attached to a computer "body", and he can punch in the face, jump and run. It is a new and subtle kind of compassion, although, like all "life," it is incoherent and episodic. Anyway, the goal is simple - Juni must kill Cybergenia and save her Carmen along with other unfortunate lost children.

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Trailer Spy Kids 3 Game Over 3D Blu Ray 2003
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  1. Guest
    12 December 2022 21:20

    Please upload all 3d movied in sbs format under 5gb

  2. Guest
    21 December 2022 05:09

     Real deal stereoscopic HD3D here unlike the terrible fake 3D of Spy kids 4. This came out in anaglyph 3D in theaters right before the last 3D craze. I still have the red and cyan cardboard glasses from when I took my niece to see it. I've had the field sequential DVD for years. Delighted to see it in full HD3D.      

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