Cane Toads: The Conquest 3D Blu Ray 2010

Cane Toads: The Conquest 3D Blu Ray 2010

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Producer: Mark Lewis
Duration: 1h 25 min.
Genre: Comedy 3D
Format 3D: Blu Ray 3D
Cast: Henry Richards, Neil Young
Subtitles: English, Russian
Language: English, Russian
IMDB: 7.0
Story 3D Movie
People do stupid things over and over again when fighting nature.
Poisonous cane toads were introduced to Australia in 1935 to combat the beetles that ravaged sugar plantations. Since then, the toads have multiplied in such a way that they began to pose a threat to the entire ecosystem of the country (crocodiles and dingo dogs especially suffer from them).
3D technology has created a film full of tension and humor from the point of view of toads. For the first time, a person has the opportunity to plunge headlong into the world of these mysterious creatures and feel like a toad that has gone hunting in search of food. And after a successful hunt and a hearty dinner, plunge into the sweet waves of passionate toad sex ...
The film became a sensation at the Sundance Independent Film Festival and drew a storm of enthusiasm from both audiences and discerning film critics. The success is largely attributable to the use of advanced 3D technology and the participation of world-class specialists in the filming. The authors really managed to achieve the "immersion effect", and the director's subtle sense of humor turned the risky plot into a gripping story full of irony. Post-production took place at Peter Jackson's New Zealand studio Weta Digital, where many Hollywood films, including Avatar, are turned into potential hits. This studio is the pioneer of 3D technologies in the documentary Cane Toads: The Conquest 3d blu ray.
Review 3D Movie
If you want to know about the infamous Cane Toad and its invasion of Australia, have I got a documentary for you! "Cane Toads: The Conquest" is wonderfully written, very interesting and has a nice sense of humor--exactly what the layperson would want in such a film. Sure, top-notch researchers from around the globe might not enjoy it as much because it is all 'sciency', but it is very well done and worth your time. The film follows the insane rationale behind the dreaded amphibian being deliberately released in the country as well as the inextricable spread of the creature. In addition, the film interviews lots of folks--some which hate the things and a few weirdos who actually think the Cane Toad is pretty neat (why, I have no idea). Overall, the show has a nice balance of humor, information and entertainment and it's well worth seeing.

Blu-ray 3D: 32.56 GB

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Trailer Cane Toads: The Conquest 3D Blu Ray 2010
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3D Enthusiast
4 January 2022 21:02
Admin … if you are going to delete my negative comments, how about fixing ALL the mistakes I pointed out first. You added the Russian language I mentioned was missing (good job), but then FAILED to remove the English subtitles you claim are there but aren’t. Why attempt to correct this one posting, but fail, yet leave so many others posting still incorrect after being told you have problems within them too. Also, if you don’t want negative comment you feel need deleting, then how about STOP making all these mistakes and CORRECT the ones that your users go to the trouble pointing out to you. You’ve got a lot of nerve deleting negative FACTS instead of CORRECTING the mistakes. Below is a re-posting of my original comments, which included a partial review you also deleted. Fell free to delete it again, AFTER you correct the false English subtitles claim first. It would be nice if you left my review about the loud soundtrack intact to help others decide if the video is worth their bother downloading.

The movie does NOT have English subtitles as indicated! Also, this movie is NOT just in English as indicated either, but also has a Russian sound track WITH Russian subtitles.
Whoever creates these false facts on this website should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY. The mistakes are so numerous, and in so many other aspects too, they could/should be considered LIES to possibly deceive potential subscribers. Especially considering that NOBODY ever corrects all these mistakes to make things right. Others, including myself, leave negative comments and have private chats about the problems, yet NOTHING is ever done to correct these bad situations. Subsequently, one can only conclude, that this website LIES deliberately on a regular basis with no desire to correct the misleading information they perpetuate on a regular basis.

Although this documentary is interesting, unfortunately, the music track is often louder than the dialog track. This makes it very hard to hear what is being said most of the time. Subsequently, I do not recommend this video unless you are a die-hard 3D fan. Personally I’ll never watch this video again, nor would I want to show it to anyone else in the future.
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