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Story 3D Movie

The large-scale conflict between otherworldly monsters in the 3d, destroying everything in their path, and manned supermachines that were created to fight them, was just a prelude to the horrendous attack on humanity in the second film 3d.

John Boyer epitomizes the image of the rebel Jake Pentecost - the budding pilot of the huntsman. His father became a legend, giving his life to ensure the victory of mankind in the battle against the monstrous Kaizi. Since that moment, Jake has given up training and is pouring into the underground world of crime. But when the imminent threat of huge monsters breaks through the cities, putting the whole world on their knees, the guy gets the last chance to become a worthy successor to his father, enlisting the support of the estranged sister Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), who leads the new generation of pilots. Jake and Mako crave justice, dreaming of revenge for the fallen, but their only hope for victory lies in unification in the face of a global catastrophe, bringing death and destruction to all living things.

Soon a gifted pilot Lambert (Scott Eastwood) and a 15-year-old hacker of the hunters of Amar (Kayli Spani) join Pentecost, who will become his new family. Now this powerful team will protect the Earth from an incredible threat and give a decisive battle to ruthless alien monsters. All this and not only in the new 3d movie download faster!

Review 3D Movie

If you know how to have fun watching a movie, you'll love it I was a big fan of the first Pacific Rim and I was expecting this movie to be awesome. On account I've already seen it twice, I'd say I was right. I don't buy the negativity people have for this movie even slightly. People are probably just made Del Toro wasn't other words they're just being biased. Great action, great special effects (the fights are easier to see since they're not during rainy nights), awesome music, the actors were great, and there were enough new ideas in it to keep the franchise alive, as well as plot twists, I feel like I should've seen coming, but didn't...I was too busy having fun watching the movie to think. If you fail to see that, that's your own fault for being blind.

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