Spiders 3D Blu Ray 2013

Spiders 3D Blu Ray 2013

Year: 2013
Country: USA , Israel
Producer: Tibor Takács
Duration: 1h 29 min.
Genre: Action 3D
Format 3D: Blu Ray 3D, SBS 3D
Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Patrick Muldoon, William Hope, Christa Campbell, Christian Contreras, Jon Mack, Vincenzo Nicoli, Pete Lee-Wilson, Atanas Srebrev, Shelly Varod, Owen Davis, Radoslav Parvanov, Sarah Brown
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Language: English
Language SBS: English
IMDB: 3.3
Story 3D Movie
The fall of the old Soviet space station caused a new species of venomous spiders to breed in the New York subway. In addition, the spiders are beginning to quickly increase in size and... soon, shaggy paws belonging to huge spiders 3d blu ray were already pacing the streets of the city.
Review 3D Movie
When a meteor shower hits an old Soviet space station in the orbit of Earth, parts and debris crash into the New York subway tunnel near the Noble Street Station. The traffic controller Jason (Patrick Muldoon) sends his colleague Jimmy (Atanas Srebrev) to inspect the damage but soon he is found dead. The doctor finds a bite on his leg and eggs inside his body, and Jason takes one of them to ask his wife Rachel (Christa Campbell) to test in the laboratory where she works. When he goes with the subway security team to the location where Jimmy was found, they discover a nest of strong and carnivorous spiders. Meanwhile Col. Jenkins (William Hope) and the Russian scientist Dr. Darnoff (Pete Lee-Wilson) discuss the special breed of spiders genetically developed in the space with zero gravity that would build a powerful nest that would be used in military purpose. Further, they need the queen's egg that Jason gave to his wife. Then and he lies to the population telling that there is a deadly virus in the neighborhood where Jimmy was found and they hunt Jason and his family. When they recover the egg, Col. Jenkins put it in the nest to raise the queen and decides to execute everyone that is aware of the spiders. Will he succeed in his plan?

Spiders 3D is a film with a lame and stupid story from the beginning. How can the colonel lie and execute people in a democratic country the way he did? By the way, why execute people? Just to keep the spiders in secret? In a situation like that, why keep powered trails in the subway. The spider queen can resist to machine gun, bazooka, but a traffic operator is capable to contain the giant insect with a steel bar. The corny conclusion with husband and wife forgetting the divorce is also awful. The cinematography and the effects are reasonable but the acting is terrible.

SBS 3D 1920x1080p: 6.79 GB

Blu-ray 3D: 24.88 GB

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Trailer Spiders 3D Blu Ray 2013
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