The LEGO Batman Movie 3D Full HD 2017 1080p

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Story 3D Movie

Download 3d movie The LEGO Batman Movie. This is the first directorial work of Chris McKay in the field of full-length films. The film The LEGO Batman Movie 3D is the spin-off for the film Lego. Movie was originally calculated both on the nursery and on the adult audience, and most likely will appeal to both. For the voicing of roles invited world stars: Mariah Carey, Zach Halifanakis and others.

Gotham City is in trouble again! The eccentric Joker, the sworn enemy of Batman, made a daring escape from the Arkhem psychiatric hospital. Batman is no longer eager to engage in battle with the villain in order to seize him again and isolate him from society, until he has arranged another catastrophe. But then his adoptee, Dick Grayson, nicknamed 'Robin', falls on Bruce Wayne's head. Dick really wants to become a partner to Batman himself, so he actively tries to join the work and studies all the hero gadgets. To defeat the Joker, this couple still needs to learn how to work in a team. They may even be able to have some fun!

Review 3D Movie

Superhero Batman enjoys his role as the savior of Gotham, but he is happy only when he fights with villains. Adoration of fans can not brighten up his home loneliness. However, Batman insists that he does not need anyone, and that he is doing very well alone. Only when the Joker penetrates the Ghost Zone and transports all the worst villains in the Warner Studio history to Earth, from Sauron to Volan de Mort, does Batman have to admit that even the coolest superhero needs the help and support of butler Alfred, Robin’s adopted son and new police commissioner barbara gordon.

8 out of 10


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