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Story 3D Movie

Ant-Man and the Wasp of the cinematic universe, whose team once again rolled out to us, the audience, an interesting and entertaining story, in this case the continuation of the adventures of Scott Lang aka the Ant-Man 3D. The second part takes all the best from the first film and develops it all to an unrealistic scale. The plot "Ant-Man and the Wasp 3D" takes a step back along the time axis of the cinema universe and takes viewers the time before the “War of Infinity”.

So Scott is under house arrest for helping Captain America. There are only three days left until the release, but Hank and Hope needed Lang. They intend to pull mother Hope, Janet, out of quantum space. Scott is very worried about the violation of the regime, the FBI can send him to jail for twenty years, and he will not be able to take care of his daughter, who considers him a hero. At the same time, Hank's gangsters and the Ghost are beginning to hunt for technology.

Review 3D Movie

One more master comedy by MCU after Ragnarok 

Marvel's Ant Man and The Wasp is one of the best movie of MCU and of 2018. With the master comedy, awesome action sequences, awesome vfx, drama, father-daughter chemistry, thriller, supehero this movie is lifetime watchable. Also It is watchable with your family.

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