Dinosaurs Alive 3D Full HD 2007 1080p


40 min.
1920 х 1080p
English, French, Russian

Story 3D Movie

Dinosaurs Alive 3D is one of the newest and most interesting pages in the book of unique paleontological discoveries ever made in the scientific world.

 Spectators will make an exciting adventure together with the most prominent paleontologists in the world, who will prove that the descendants of dinosaurs live among us, ancient features are guessed in the modern animal world. The film tells about the ancient dinosaurs of the Triassic period that lived about 230 million years ago, starting with the first dinosaurs of rather modest size - no larger than a cat or a dog, ending with the Cretaceous monsters that rebelled in life size on the giant screen of the Nescafe IMAX super cinema.

Review 3D Movie

One of the most exciting scenes in the film tells us how the ancient lizards - Velociraptor and Protoceratops - fought until the sand dune collapsed and covered them forever. The rarest historical footage of the expedition filming, thanks to a three-dimensional image, provides us with an immersion into our distant past through time and distances.
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