Alice in Wonderland 3D Blu Ray 2010

Alice in Wonderland 3D Blu Ray 2010

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Producer: Tim Burton
Duration: 1h 48 min.
Genre: Fantasy 3D
Format 3D: SBS 3D, Blu Ray 3D
Cast: Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover, Matt Lucas, Michael Sheen, Stephen Fry, Alan Rickman, Barbara Windsor
IMDB: 6.4
3 246
Story 3D Movie
The life of 19-year-old Alice Kingsley takes an unexpected turn. At a Victorian party held in her honor, Alice is proposed to by Hamish, the rich but stupid son of Lord and Lady Ascot. Without giving an answer, the girl runs away and goes after the rabbit she saw on the lawn. A rabbit is like a rabbit, except he is dressed in a doublet and looks at his pocket watch all the time. Alice chases a White Rabbit across the meadow and sees it disappear into a rabbit hole. Then, unexpectedly, Alice falls there herself, flies down a strange, fabulous tunnel and lands in a round hall with many doors. After drinking from a bottle with the inscription "DRINK ME", it decreases in size, and after taking a bite from a cake with the inscription "EAT ME", it grows. Finally, after passing through a series of misadventures, Alice gets through one of the doors into a wonderful fantasy world, which its inhabitants call the Underground Country. There she is waiting for a whole parade of colorful characters: a boastful Dormouse, a crazy Hatter, a sneering Cheshire Cat, a caterpillar named Absalom who got high on hookah, a creepy White Queen and her evil sister, the Queen of Worms, a quarrelsome and irritable ruler of the Underground Country in which everyone around her can die in the movies Alice in Wonderland 3d blu ray.
Review 3D Movie
A reworking of the Carroll story about Alice: the heroine returns to Wonderland, experiences new adventures and in the finale gives battle to the forces of evil.
Alice is no longer a girl, but an adult young lady. From time to time, she is tormented by vague memories of a childhood adventure, the details of which have slipped from her memory. On the eve of her engagement to an unpleasant youngster, she sees a White Rabbit, runs after him, falls into a hole and is forced to remember everything. And a magical land (not Wonderland, as she thought in her childhood, but Underland - a dungeon), and the Queen of Hearts, who finally got loose and became a ruthless satrap, and her sister the White Queen, embodying a somewhat frightening goodness. And also a Hatter with a Dormouse, pushing angry speeches about the bloody regime in the forest kitchen, a Jabberwocky, a Bandashmyg, and a suffering dog that has been so erased from memory that even in Lewis Carroll's book there is not a word about him.
By and large, "Alice ..." does not need a film adaptation at all (although it has survived a myriad of them). The book itself seems to project pictures directly into the reader's brain. But Hollywood, consumed by eternal plot hunger, decided to try to turn the text inside out and see if there is at least something fresh and marketable inside? Tim Burton, an outstanding storyteller and specialist in soft macabre, took up the new contents of the box with the inscription "Alice".
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