Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End 3D Blu Ray 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End 3D Blu Ray 2007

Year: 2007
Country: USA
Producer: Gore Verbinski
Duration: 2h 49 min.
Format 3D: SBS 3D, 2D to 3D
Cast: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport, Jonathan Pryce
Language: English
IMDB: 7.1
1 411
Story 3D Movie

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World" 3d blu ray  is the third comedy -adventure film from director Gore Verbinski, which tells about the adventures of the brave Jack Sparrow and his friends.
Dark times are coming: the age of pirates is nearing its end. Lord Cutler Beckett of the East India Company has gained control of the terrifying ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, and its evil, vengeful captain, Davey Jones. Now the Flying Dutchman tirelessly plows the waters of the seven seas and, under the command of Admiral Norrington, ruthlessly destroys pirate ships. Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan and Captain Barbossa embark on a desperate journey in search of the Nine Barons of the Pirate Brotherhood: they are the only hope to defeat Beckett, the Flying Dutchman and his armada. But one of the Barons is missing: Captain Jack Sparrow, either the best or the worst pirate in the world. After an unsuccessful encounter with a monster named Kraken, he is captured by Davey Jones. The alliance between our heroes - including Tia Dalma, Pintel and Ragetti - is fragile, but they must first go to the dangerous, exotic Singapore and fight with the Chinese pirate captain Xiao Feng for seaworthy maps and for a ship that, for the sake of saving Jack, will take them to the end of the world.

3D conversion by JFC

Review 3D Movie

But here is a very young boy with a noose around his neck singing an old pirate song, it is picked up by all the condemned without exception, which means that it's time for the sea robbers to unite and rise up, and nine pirate barons to gather for a council. But before the most desperate thugs make a common decision, it is necessary to rescue Captain Jack Sparrow from the otherworldly captivity, without whom the filibuster people, anyway, are not complete. Therefore, a friendly company consisting of Will Turner, his fiancee Elizabeth Swan and the somewhat unexpectedly restless captain Barbossa, who joined them, enlisting the support of the leader of the Singapore pirates Xiao Feng, go on a rescue expedition.

The time spent by the Sparrow in captivity clearly affected his already unstable psyche, so that already in the first three minutes of being in the frame, the captain manages to fight with himself over the last peanut, very courteously stick to the goat generated by his hallucinating brain and even lay an egg. However, pretty soon he comes to his senses (as far as it is possible in his case) and throws himself headlong into the abyss of incredible intrigues, in which an old and incredibly valuable map, then ritual objects with which you can summon the sea goddess Calypso, then a chest with the heart of the captain of the "Flying Dutchman" become a bargaining chip alternately" Davey Jones, or even the beautiful Elizabeth – a woman on a ship from time immemorial is not only a harbinger of trouble, but also a very popular and in-demand product.

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Trailer Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End 3D Blu Ray 2007
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  1. Elsius
    21 January 2023 21:20

    Thank you very much mate.

    You are greatly appreciated.

  2. Corey
    22 January 2023 00:30

    Looking forward to comparing the SBS versions, will do later. Thanks a bunch for your quick conversions!

    PS: is there any possibility Speed Racer could be added to your conversion roadmap? The movie has some pretty crazy visuals that would look amazing converted to 3D

    1. JFC
      22 January 2023 08:21
      Speed Racer has always been on the list, just wanting to wait until the method is even better before doing it. Want it to be perfect.
  3. 23 January 2023 14:02

    Please add "Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back 3D ISO" if you cant add Full-OU. please!

    Instead of adding 2D conversion movies, native 3D movie Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back must be add.

      1. Kalpesh Chavan
        24 January 2023 20:31
        Brilliant Admin! Great work! Keep it up!
  4. 24 January 2023 08:54

    Dear Admin, 

    Kindy do focus on adding native 3D movies, which you haven't uploaded here. I already have sheared my wish list those movies are not added yet. 

  5. Wookiee
    26 January 2023 07:14

    Hi, sorry for posting on another movies page but I have made multiple inquiries about adding some movies and hadn't heard back. Some of the film ISOs are on here but I have no idea how to make them OU/SBS so can you please assist with adding the half SBS or half OU version of the following movies?:

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    hara kiri

    I did not see these on the site yet:

    out of inferno
    chinese zodiac (CZ12)

    1. Kalpesh Chavan
      26 January 2023 08:47
      There are many ways to convert 3D ISO into HOU/FOU or HSBS/FSBS.....BD3D2MK3D is my chosen way to follow....
      1. Wookiee
        27 January 2023 05:44
        I've tried, but unfortunately I could never get it to work :(. I figured if I pay for this service they may be able to do it for me since they've done it for a ton of other movies already. Didn't think it was the biggest ask.
    2. 3D ADMIN
      28 January 2023 21:46
      we will add these movies to the list to create, it all depends on how popular these movies will be if yes we will start them as soon as possible
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