Finding Nemo 3D Full HD 2003 1080p

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Story 3D Movie

The main characters of the story Finding Nemo 3D, are two clown fish living on the Great Barrier Reef - Marlin and his son Nemo. Nemo falls prey to a diver, a dentist from Sydney, who catches him and puts him in an aquarium. Marlin, who has never left his reef in his life, sets off on an odyssey into the open ocean in search of his son. On a dangerous journey he is accompanied by Dory, a terribly friendly and extremely forgetful fish. Meanwhile, a desperate prisoner and his friends imprisoned in an aquarium unfortunately hatch a plan to escape from the glass prison.

Review 3D Movie

Marlin, a fish clown who crossed the ocean for his son, was in a fight with sharks, visited the stomach of a whale and much more. But this all influenced the acquisition of faithful friends and the formation of character This fish showed by its example how important it is to gain good benefit from situations in life ... But what caused these situations? His son Nemo showed disobedience and risked his life rashly. What led to the further difficulties they faced
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