Logan 3D Blu Ray 2017

Logan 3D Blu Ray 2017

Year: 2017
Country: USA
Producer: James Mangold
Duration: 2h 17 min.
Format 3D: OU 3D, SBS 3D, 2D to 3D
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Richard E. Grant
Conversion 2D to 3D by: JFC
IMDB: 8.1
3 638
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Story 3D Movie

Decades have passed since the events narrated in the epilogue of the film "X-Men: Days of the Past Future". Most of the mutants are dead, the X-Men team has ceased to exist. The world has changed – there is no place for people like Logan in it. Aged and crippled by life, the hero, who has long ceased to call himself Wolverine, is living out his last days, finding solace in a bottle and caring for Alzheimer's patient Charles Xavier, whose memory is getting worse every day. Logan himself is no longer the invulnerable warrior – his ability to regenerate is rapidly fading, and old wounds respond with unbearable pain.But fate forces Logan to release his claws again when he meets his clone – a little girl named Laura Kinney, who is being hunted by a powerful corporation that turns the surviving mutants into death machines and plans to plunge the world into chaos with their help.

The long–awaited final part of the trilogy of solo films about Wolverine - one of the key heroes of the X-Men universe. "Logan" was the farewell appearance of the permanent Hugh Jackman in the role of the legendary mutant and will show the beloved hero from a completely new side, revealing the depth and drama of the image.

Logan 3D Blu Ray 2017 originally was not released in 3D but has been converted to 3D specifically for the 3D-HD.CLUB, offering viewers an enhanced visual experience of the thrilling action sequences and special effects in the movie.

3D conversion by JFC

Review 3D Movie

The year is 2029. The world is gradually forgetting about mutants, from which only legends and comics distorting real stories remain, the last child with superpowers was born a quarter of a century ago. A long-retired Wolverine hides the survivors of Professor X and a mutant named Caliban in an abandoned warehouse near the border with Mexico, while he tries to earn at least some money. However, no matter how Logan tries to calm his instincts, a born killer cannot cope with the past, and his life path is always littered with corpses. Following these tracks, Wolverine is found by mutant hunters and a woman who claims that the girl with whom she is trying to get to Canada has a kinship with Logan. Under the influence of circumstances, Wolverine, Charles and their new eleven-year-old friend Laura have to go on a dangerous journey through America. The last journey of people whom the world could not accept.

Screenshots 3D Movie
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Trailer Logan 3D Blu Ray 2017
Latest comments (18)
  1. JFC
    12 January 2023 16:45

    Hope you guys enjoy the Full Over-Under 1920x2160 presentation.

  2. Elsius
    13 January 2023 07:23

     Than you mate

  3. Corey
    13 January 2023 21:35

    FYI, the H-SBS will be higher quality to most viewers despite it being smaller in size.

    1. Elsius
      14 January 2023 03:03


      @ JFC, you're the PRO. Is there a reason this one isn't H-SBS then?

      @ Beeza,Thanks for your input. I usually don't like 50% half SBS.

      How do you watch your movies? Meta Quest, 3D TV, or projector?

      I'll just watch other movies I haven't watch yet then.

      1. Corey
        14 January 2023 11:20
        Me and my family just watch on meta quest 2s, maybe at some point I’ll get a 3DTV or projector, but so far we’re happy with just using VR
        1. Elsius
          14 January 2023 21:16
          I also use Quest 2. When I move to a bigger place, I'll get a short throw 4K projector with 3D support.
          Last 3DTV are too old and projector will give larger screens.
  4. 3D ADMIN
    14 January 2023 10:50

    this movie has H SBS format

    1. Elsius
      14 January 2023 21:13
      The H SBS is the simple 1080p, not 3840X1080p
      The member is saying it's better than H-OU larger resolution.
      Whenever you post real 3D with 1920x1080p SBS and Bluray ISO,
      I only get the ISO and covert them with DVDFab using 2 pass high quality and all,
      and always 3840X1080p SBS. They are always way better than the 50%.

      This one is a movie I'd love to watch in full SBS.
      1. 3D ADMIN
        15 January 2023 19:50
        It's hard to please everyone who wants Full SBS, who wants Full OU, who wants ISO, and so now we are trying different formats. You watch only Full SBS and Full OU doesn't suit you for VR?
        1. Elsius
          16 January 2023 01:20
          I'm good with Full SBS and Full OU.
          A member here said this 50% SBS is way better than Full OU.
  5. Elsius
    14 January 2023 21:23


    I hope you find more stuffs soon. There's nothing to get. I renewed my TakeFile, but I already had everything already except the Jurassic one. I love the franchise and had to get it.

    Thanks for what you do. We appreciate you.

    1. 3D ADMIN
      15 January 2023 19:51
      Yes, we are doing all parts of Pirates right now, but soon Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings will also be coming
      1. Elsius
        16 January 2023 00:07
        Thank you very much.
  6. Guest
    21 January 2023 02:26

    hi jfc, can u immagine to convert the movie  BATTLESHIP. there are so much 3d pop out effekts but the movie is never released in 3D 

    today i have looked your 3d conversion og the sea monster a netflix movie and i was impressed. 

    please try it. you will see how many 3d pop out work for you

    1. nitro700
      3 February 2023 13:51
      have you seen popouts before in any of the 2d-3d conversions here? it seems like they only just push stuff into the background rather than using negative parallax/popouts, tho i've only checked a few of the files here. still these conversions seem impressive, i'd love to see some beyond the screen 3d, any suggestions?
  7. jared
    3 February 2023 14:08

    i love how you added 3d effects to the tv they were watching in the hotel, i want to get more of these 2d-3d conversions, does signing up for takefile premium help benefit the cause? or are they their own separate company with no revenue share? these must be done frame by frame? and i don't want to pay unless it helps the original creators who are doing near studio level work on these conversions

    1. 3D ADMIN
      21 April 2023 16:33
      of course a Premium subscription helps the site to develop and publish new 3D conversions for you
  8. Guest
    28 June 2023 18:58
    Not one of my favorite X-men movies. Until now. The 3D is what it needed to make it a classic. Perfect 3D, 10/10. Such great depth shots and the 3D gives the movie life that it didn't have before. A true example of how 3D, done by JFC, can make a movie a real must have. HIghly recommended. 10/10. I watched mine using a 3D blu ray conversion. These movies are worthing putting on blu ray discs and keeping for posterity and because they are damn good!
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