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Trolls World Tour 3D this confrontation with the insatiable Bergens is over, and the cheerful trolls have nothing to fear anymore, which means you can sing, dance and hug. But Rosette and Colors are waiting for new adventures that will unfold outside of their native village. It turns out that the world hides other trolls with completely unusual musical preferences, and now the brothers will have to unite in the face of a new danger.

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Rose, the Queen of pop trolls, receives a strange note from a certain Rox, and later learns a terrible secret from her father: it turns out that their kind of trolls is not the only one, there are others with their own styles of music and completely different tastes. In fact, Rox is one of them, the Queen of rock trolls, who is going to subdue all the others, driving them into the framework of their own musical preferences. Rose, Flowers, and their other friends are going on a journey to stop her.

Cartoons like the new "Trolls" are very difficult to sincerely scold. It is clear that this is a producer's calculated movie, and all its annoying properties can be easily read from the trailer: glossy pop, obsessive slapstick, marmalade aesthetics of a colorful strobe that can attract the attention of hyperactive children for at least an hour. "World tour" is one of those animations that repel any claim with a loud "well, this is for children", and you want to argue with this dubious thesis less and less.

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Trailer Trolls World Tour 3D Full HD 2020 1080p!

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