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The 3d cartoon Onward will take viewers to a world where all magic has disappeared. Now all once-magical creatures are doomed to a very ordinary existence. However, two elf brothers, Ian and barley Lightfoot, decide to change the situation and go on a dangerous adventure in search of the remnants of magic. Also this 3d film was included in our TOP 2020 rating which includes the best 3d movies

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Shy lone elf Ian turns 16 years old — in honor of his almost coming of age, he intends to finally talk to the guys from school, invite them to his home and generally become a confident and brave boy. It turns out, however, so-so — at the last moment, his plans are hindered by his older brother barley, an unemployed loser who is obsessed with a role-playing fantasy Board game. Trying to somehow smooth over the son's failures, the mother gives him and his brother a mysterious package that they got from their deceased father. The package contains a magic staff — their father, a simple office clerk, at the end of his life suddenly fell into esotericism and began to believe in magic, long gone from their world.

With the help of a staff and a spell, the children try to bring their father back at least for one day, but something goes wrong and only the lower half of the parent appears. Now the brothers will have to travel far out of town to find the mythical Phoenix stone and complete the spell, and they only have 24 hours to do so.

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