Action 3d movies / VR Movies
Investigative journalist Eddie Brock struggles to adjust to life as the host of the alien symbiote Venom, which grants him super-human abilities in order to be a lethal vigilante.
IMDB: 5.9
SIZE: 5.98 GB
Adventure 3d movies
Based on the classic work of the same name by Roald Dahl about the exciting adventures of the eccentric chocolate magnate Willy Wonka and the good-natured boy Charlie from a poor family living near
IMDB: 6.7
SIZE: 13.35 GB
Animation 3d movies / VR Movies
The year is 2065. After the fall of a meteorite, destruction and chaos reign on Earth. Aliens are exterminating people and threatening to destroy life on Earth. A handful of escaped Earthlings
IMDB: 6.4
SIZE: 9.70 GB
Animation 3d movies / VR Movies
In 3028, a race of evil aliens - the Dreys - decides that the only way to stop the spread of the human population in the Universe is its extermination, and for this purpose arranges a massive attack
IMDB: 6.6
SIZE: 5.24 GB
Action 3d movies
How long can a person fight the darkness until he discovers it inside himself? Peter Parker, who has the superpowers of Spider-Man, will have to fight with new opponents - the Sandman, the Black
IMDB: 6.3
SIZE: 17.01 GB
Horrors 3d movies / 3D Archive
Having escaped from the horror of the dead by helicopter, four travelers are forced to land on the roof of a supermarket. There they find food, shelter and trouble.
IMDB: 7.8
SIZE: 14.52 GB
Action 3d movies
Iron Man Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) suppressed all the forces of evil and successfully privatized world peace. Concerned about such self-will, the US government wants to nationalize world peace,
IMDB: 6.9
SIZE: 15.14 GB
Animation 3d movies
Roddy is a privileged rat living the life of a beloved pet in a prestigious penthouse. Once a clogged sink "spits out" a sewer rat Sid, who likes luxury apartments, into the apartment.
IMDB: 6.6
SIZE: 9.73 GB
Animation 3d movies
The plot is dedicated to a group of pets who decide to help their superhero owners in the difficult task of protecting civilians
IMDB: 7.3
SIZE: 11.85 GB
Comedy 3d movies
One day, while walking through the flower market, a young employee of the flower shop, the main character of the film, finds an unusual plant; he brings it to the store, where he performs botanical
IMDB: 7.1
SIZE: 12.53 GB
Action 3d movies
The quiet life of 22-year-old Scott Pilgrim, the unemployed bassist of a not-so-famous rock band, has come to an end - he has fallen in love with the girl of his dreams.
IMDB: 7.5
SIZE: 13.06 GB
Horrors 3d movies
13 years have passed since the events of the previous parts, but the memories are still alive. They have become a creepy urban legend.
IMDB: 4.5
SIZE: 12.40 GB