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English, French, German

Story 3D Movie

The continuation of the legendary Toy History trilogy is now also in 3D. Andy went to college, and famous toys, including cowboy Woody, astronaut Buzz, tyrannosaurus Rex and others, got to baby Bonnie. The girl goes to kindergarten, where she makes herself a new favorite toy called Wilkins. But bad luck, he jumps out the window almost immediately, and now Woody has to save her mistress's new friend and deliver him home. But he still does not imagine what kind of meeting awaits him in this adventure.

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Woody, Buzz and all their friends live happily with the new owner - a cute girl Bonnie, who is about to go to first grade. Once, with the help of a plastic cowboy, Bonnie brings home-made toy from the school - Mr. Wilkins, made of disposable tableware and other rubbish. He becomes a favorite and dwarfs all factory friends, but he himself is not so happy. And when the family goes on a trip by car, Wilkins, who has not fully realized his transition from a piece of garbage to a reasonable toy, escapes through the window - Woody, as always suffering from an aggravated sense of duty, goes to save him.

In this, the fourth “Toy Story” strongly resembles “Cars 3” - another Pixar cartoon about generational change, humility and acceptance, with the same cute, old-fashioned intonation. There are no villains here at all, even dolls as frightening as death straight from the "sinister valley" turn out to be, in general, victims of circumstances. The only thing that really drives the heroes is the desire for egalitarian happiness for all for nothing, and let, as they say, no one go away offended. Their philanthropism is naive as never before, but it is not at all childish: it is a completely mature philanthropy, captivating sentimental and almost sacred in its implacable faith in world good.

Somewhere in an interview, Pixar representatives managed to promise that “Toy Story 4” is the last sequel of the eminent studio, and only original projects will be one hundred percent further. If so, then the departure of the old franchises can be considered quite spectacular: having closed all the gestalt and quietly retired as much as twice in a row, they can finally sleep peacefully. New toys will take their place - maybe crooked, oblique and stupid, but it's nothing, they still manage to grow wiser and maybe become better than the old ones. Yes, and the kids seem to like it - but for whom else should I try?

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