26 Nov 2022
The 10 best 3D movies for those who want to learn about the technology
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The 10 best 3D movies for those who want to learn about the technology

Technology is best when it brings people together! Since the Lumière brothers projected the first moving pictures in 1895, movie talk has become an integral part of every date, fun family night or casual hang-out session with friends. The film business has evolved and matured beyond all expectations, enduring a slew of experiments on its way to producing films that are today legitimately referred to as art.

Experiments with 3D may be traced all the way back to the late 1800s. Famous filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese ventured into the thrilling new world and marked the Golden Age of the immersive technology invented in the 1890s by William Friese Greene. This cinema technology employs a polarized system that uses circularly polarized light to project images that give viewers a unique, in-the-moment experience.

Do you know how 3D glasses used to look? To blend two independent images into one, people in the film biz invented a device that looked like a stereoscope. The world was introduced to the polarized glasses we use today in 1986, and for the next two decades, the technology was used to produce new movies and convert old hits, all in the hopes of bringing audiences back to the movies.

Nowadays, movies shot in illusionary motion picture technology are synonyms for wild adventures and costly blockbusters. The 2009 film 
A Christmas Carol cost a whopping $200 million to make! The movie made a total of $323,555,899 worldwide, demonstrating the industry's enormous capacity to delight paying audiences in the internet era!

In a cyclical form, the classics, the finest of the greatest, find a way to become trendy, and new releases captivate with stunning visuals. New generations can enjoy superb graphics of modern 3D movies or watch the trailblazer, chilling masterpiece 
House of Wax for the first time. What a privilege! The industry's nature to make people laugh and cry, reinvent the making process and adjust to every age is its strongest feature.
Our list of 10 best 3D movies will be of great help to anyone unfamiliar with the technology and experience. If you want to venture into the world of 3D films, you better start with the best ones! Our pick of ten best 3D movies

1. Avatar (2009)

With Avatar, a ground-breaking film shot with two different camera rigs, James Cameron, the king of blockbusters, has accomplished the unthinkable. The complex science fiction story is set in Pandora, a world populated by sentient blue creatures who value the environment and all of nature's wonders. Humans link with their Avatars in order to communicate with the Na'vi, the people of Pandora, and to survive the world's deadly air. The main male protagonist, a duty marine, and a Na'vi woman fall in love and strive to overcome hurdles in order to rescue the world and their love.

Cameron had the story in his head for a decade, but seeing Gollum in The Lord of the Rings convinced him that CGI effects had advanced sufficiently for him to begin production. Weta Digital was in charge of the film's visual effects. They shot on a virtual stage with a revolutionary camera system and 800 computer-generated heroes. Weta used a never-before-seen technique to properly animate the faces of the Na'vis in order for them to be realistic and relatable. Markers attached to actors' faces were mapping out facial muscle movements while high definition cameras were shooting. 

Download 3d movie - Avatar

2. Titanic (2012)

Titanic, Cameron's other masterwork, has managed to conquer the world despite the fact that everyone knew how the tale ended. Titanic, the legendary ship that sank on her maiden voyage in 1912, has come to symbolize a money-driven, greedy society. Throughout the film, the director cleverly shifts the tale to a romance between Rose and Jack, combining documentary video, Rose's narration, and the details about the sinking. Soon enough, the viewers succumb to Cameron's storytelling and grow preoccupied with the fates of everyone on board rather than the ship's fate. While the original Titanic was released in 1997, the 3D version was released in 2012, presenting the poetic and tragic story from a whole new perspective.

Even if you have never seen the movie, you must have heard about the never-ending debate about whether or not Jack could have fitted on the floating door. And what about "Draw me like one of your French girls"? Iconic! Rose's portrait, which Leonardo DiCaprio draws in the movie’s iconic scene, was actually drawn by Cameron himself! Not only did Cameron show his artistic side, but he also proved to be a genuine filmmaker who used his own footage of the ship for the movie. He sat on the deck of the Titanic twelve times, then loaded the IMAX film and equipment into the submarine and shot the ship. The camera was so high tech that it could pivot and film outside the sub. After doing the math, Cameron realized that he had spent more time on the ship than the actual passengers!

Download 3d movie - Titanic

3. How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

Based on Cressida Cowell's book, How To Train Your Dragon 2010, hit the cinemas in March, grossing an estimated $43.3 million in its opening weekend. The story of a Viking who befriends a dragon instead of fighting it is what the fantasy movie revolves around. Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, the directors, used the technology that offered the effect of depth to the viewers, giving them the impression of being sucked into the screen. Although the popping-up effects are present, the technology allows the audience to focus on the story without hindering the experience with too much detail. How To Train Your Dragon is filmed in such a way that fast-moving objects move without a stutter, adding to the overall high-quality atmosphere of the flick.

The Viking, Hiccup, finds an injured dragon, Toothless, who turns out to be the rarest of all, a super-fast, aerodynamic being. To add a live-action feel and achieve superb lighting and graphics, the directors hired the famous Roger Deakins, a cinematographer who worked on the dragon's flight and fire, creating a unique fantasy creature that has never been seen in the films. The supreme technology skyrocketed this flick to our covered list of best 3D movies.

Download 3d movie - How To Train Your Dragon

4. Life of Pi (2012)

Life of Pi, a film based on Yann Martel's novel, follows an Indian boy named Pi and a large and frightening Bengal tiger. In their struggle to survive, Pi and the tiger form an unexpected bond that provides the duo with daily motivation to live. Life of Pi is a heartfelt story about faith and hope, but the technological wizardry behind it is what makes it unforgettable. Ang Lee, the film's producer, invited visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer and assigned him the difficult task of making the tiger as realistic as possible.

For five weeks, Westenhofer conducted extensive research on real tigers, completing a total of 23 shoots with the real animal. The remaining 148 tiger shots in the film would be realized using complex computer graphics technology. The film's editor, Tim Squyres, revealed that it took the crew a month to complete the shipwreck scene and that the flying fish scene took even longer. However, the results were flawless! Check it out for yourself!

Download 3d movie - Life of Pi

5. Gravity (2013)

Alfonso Cuaron, the director of the unique, chilling and haunting movie Children of Men, has outdone himself with Gravity. While the story revolves around two astronauts who become lost in space by accident, Cuaron focuses on the stunning visuals that he created specifically for this film. Obviously, the space where the astronauts are forced to live is devoid of gravity, and Cuaron's skilled visuals are equally effective in instilling fear and presenting the vastness of space in all its magical power.

Around 60% of Gravity was shot in a structure known as the "light box." It was 10-by-10 feet in size and had over 4,000 LED light bulbs, serving as a giant television screen. The special effects team employed graphics to add just the proper amount of light from the stars, sun, and other celestial bodies that surrounded the imaginary spaceship. Before the performers even stepped onto the stage, the majority of shots were planned out, and every camera movement was programmed into a giant robot before the filming began. 

Download 3d movie - Gravity

6. Coraline (2009)

While the premise of Coraline, an animated horror film about a girl who discovers a portal to another world, appears familiar, the film's incredible VFX elevates it to a modern classic. For a year, director Henry Selick worked on the film's preparations before ultimately showing the finished result in 2009. Coraline set a new standard for 3D movies in terms of technology, with stunning views captured using a dual camera rig.

The production of Coraline took place in a 140,000-square-foot warehouse divided into 50 lots. Each week, around 28 animators worked on rehearsing or shooting scenes, resulting in 90–100 seconds of finished animation. The animators shot each frame from two slightly different camera settings to capture stereoscopy for the 3D release.

Every single thing you see on screen was created just for the film. The Polyjet matrix systems were used to print thousands of high-quality, three-dimensional models, ranging from facial expressions to doorknobs. The puppets contained distinct sections for the upper and bottom parts of the head that could be swapped out for varied facial expressions, giving Coraline's characters a total of over 208,000 possible facial expressions.

Download 3d movie - Coraline

7. The Walk (2015)

Do you remember the iconic Forrest Gump opening sequence, in which a feather drifts around until settling on Tom Hanks' shoe? The filmmaker, Robert Zemeckis, vividly recalls the difficulties he faced in creating the entire scenario with CGI! He later revealed that the scenario took days to perfect, but the experience seemed to have helped him create even more masterpieces. The Walk, a film portraying Philippe Petit's high-wire walk between the Twin Towers in 1974, included effects that were so lifelike that some observers were queasy. The visual effects studio behind the film, Atomic Fiction, employed cloud technology to accomplish such results. The studio supplied 40 minutes of special effects to the film, including a replica of the Twin Towers.

The Walk's developers put their faith in Conductor, a cloud rendering solution that handled everything from spinning up and shutting down instances to uploading shoots, updating texture files, and more. The graphics team was able to operate up to 15,000 processors at once using Conductor, and they logged 9.1 million processor hours for the project. These are some impressive figures! Almost as impressive as the movie itself!

Download 3d movie - The Walk

8. Up (2009)

The film Up, directed by Pete Docter and produced by Pixar, follows the story of Carl Fredericksen, a 78-year-old widower who connects thousands of balloons to his house, raises it up, and takes it on a voyage to the South American wilderness. Carl's grief over his late wife is central to the animated flick, as is his friendship with the youngster who becomes imprisoned in the house by mistake. The audience's hearts are captured by the emotional plot, but the magnificent graphics demonstrate that this film is much more than an animated story.

When it came to the challenges that the team behind Up had to overcome, the animation of balloons was the most complex. The technical directors, Jon Reisch and Eric Froemling sought to make sure the balloons moved as realistically as possible. Froemling developed a Python layer on top of the Open Dynamics Engine rigid body pipeline. The Python procedural setup was then abstracted into nodes in a Reisch-designed Maya interface. This allowed them to control the amount of bounce the balloons had when they collided, as well as adjust the size of the single balloons depending on their location.

Download 3d movie - Up

9. Beowulf (2007)

Beowulf, directed by Robert Zemeckis and based on the classic Old English poem, is an animated fantasy film about the mythical warrior Beowulf who chases and attempts to defeat Grendel, a terrifying beast of unimaginable strength. According to Steve Starkey, who produced the action-packed film, they separate the performance from everything that happens on set during filming so that Zemeckis may afterwards place the camera wherever he wants in order to achieve any shot or visual effect. 

While everything in the movie is primarily made through computer graphics, Starkey goes on to explain that there is some real-world foundation, particularly for clothing, that was planned in the old fashioned method before being built in the software called Imageworks. The actors tried on the costumes, which were then used as a template. The same method was applied to actors' bodies, which were scanned into computers as references so that the final character could be created.

Download 3d movie - Beowulf

10. Toy Story 3 (2010)

Toy Story 3 is a 2010 American computer-animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It is the third instalment in the Toy Story franchise, following Toy Story 1 and 2. Lee Unkrich, the director, created a lad named Andy and a crew of toys that go on various adventures with him. Andy goes to college in the 2010 film, and the toys wind up in a daycare from which they are desperate to escape. Toy Story 3 maintains a firm grasp of the captivating adventures, thanks to the perfected Pixar storytelling talents and tremendous technological improvements.

During the early stages of the film's development, Pixar wanted to access their old computer files for the animated models used in the original Toy Story. However, the error messages kept coming up, making the team spend a year and a half on research and development to create the simulation systems needed for intricate scenes. It took the filmmakers more than four years to complete the project, but it was well worth it. The prestigious BAFTA nomination for Best Visual Effects spoke volumes about the film's visual effects.

Download 3d movie - Toy Story 3

Grab those funny glasses!

It took a long time for 3D movies to gain mainstream acceptance, but once it did, the response was ecstatic. These films were making history in the film industry. They were even considered by some to be the wave of the future. Above all, they were enjoyable. Whether at the cinema or at home, seeing movies with special glasses was always a blast. Our top ten list is a wonderful place to start for anyone interested in seeing what all the fuss is all about. 

Is Virtual Reality the next 3D? VR promises to put you right in the middle of the action, with varying degrees of immersion. However, for VR to succeed, it will need to fix its most serious flaw, which is isolation. Nights spent with loved ones in front of screens, eating popcorn while crying or laughing at the top of our lungs, continue to make life worth living. Until the age of 
VR hits us all like a tidal wave, let’s watch all the movies mentioned in our list. It’s time well spent!

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