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Paul W.S. Anderson
1h 47 min.
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SBS movie 3D Resident Evil: The Final Chapter this is the sixth franchise film based on the cult Japanese video game, and the fourth film in the series, produced by Paul Anderson, the creator of the cult film Mortal Kombat. It is worth noting that Mila Jovovich was shot almost immediately after the birth of her second child, but this did not affect her acting ability and physical form. Watch Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 3d sbs 2016

The action Resident Evil: The Final Chapter takes place immediately after the events of the fifth film Resident Evil. Humanity is living its last days, of the survivors almost no one left. After Alice was betrayed by Wesker in Washington, she lost her supernatural forces and became vulnerable, but she continued to fight. Alice must return to where it all began — to the Raccoon City laboratory, where the antidote should be stored. Meanwhile, the Umbrella Corporation gathers its forces for the final blow against the survivors of the apocalypse. In a race against time, Alice will join forces with his old friends and even enemies to give the final battle to the undead hordes and new mutant monsters.

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Once again betrayed by the employees of the Ambrella Corporation, Alice (Milla Jovovich) receives a message from the Red Queen, the Ambrella supercomputer. Artificial intelligence claims that he went over to the side of ordinary people who survived the zombie epidemic, but he still had to follow the orders of the corporate bosses who are planning to finish off humanity and repopulate the Earth. Therefore, the “Red Queen” explains to Alice how she can stop Umbrella. To do this, a woman needs to return to the underground complex under Rakun City, where her adventures began.


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