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The Meg 3d blu-ray, also known as Megalodon, is not a simple shark, it is a huge prehistoric fish that lived in antiquity and is considered extinct, sunk into oblivion as well as dinosaurs. But according to the film (The Meg), the scientific expedition, within the framework of an international program to study underwater life and the search for great discoveries, discovers a whole underwater world - a closed ecosystem under the Mariana Trench. It is there, at a depth of more than 10 000 km., Live, among other primitive monsters, and megalodons, still live, contrary to science. Of course, all this is supposedly a “scientific” rationale, which our scientists immediately set out. And of course, the monster breaks out to the surface. The main character is Jonas Taylor; - brutal, not shaved, drinking, terrible on the face, but kind inside - a former lifeguard - a deep-sea dam, whose recklessness and luck rolls over all the regulated norms, will resist the monster. As you yourself understand, many scenes with him will be predictable and fantastic and even partly unreal. But what to do, this ocean needs its own hero. Movie The Meg 3D download in our site.

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In a research center in the middle of the Pacific Ocean celebrate a grand discovery - scientists have found the deepest ocean depression hidden for many centuries behind prying eyes of hydrogen sulfide. They send a deep-sea bathyscaphe to explore the riches of the underwater world, but the expedition is suddenly attacked by the megalodon - a giant shark, whose species has long been considered extinct. To save the team, scientists call Jonas Taylor, a lifeguard with experience, who retired after an alleged meeting with a similar monster.

During his career, action-hero Jason Statham tried many crafts. He also visited “Mechanic”, “Defender”, “Transporter” and simply “Professional”, he fought against terrorists of all countries and peoples. But at some point it became clear that he was cramped in earthly gray action movies. In the battles of Statema with the crowd of doomed enemies there is no intrigue, because what can an ordinary person oppose to him? Here, as they say, you need a bigger boat, and preferably a shark, even better - a giant shark. It will be difficult to spoil such a battle. Although the director of 'Mega' John Turteltaub and tried.

Sometimes Meg takes himself too seriously for a movies 3d blu ray in which Jason Statham bludgeons a prehistoric shark with his bare hands. Turteltaub often focuses on personal drama, boring conversations and other things needed by the film, like a drowning man - a glass of water

The film The Meg 3D Blu Ray is sprayed among the heap of characters, trying to immediately tell a lot of little stories, sometimes forgetting about the main one. It would seem that you have a State, there is a huge shark - what else is needed? But Meg is desperately looking for a reason to distract from the central conflict, to uncover as many single-celled heroes as possible, to delve into their past and present.

The closer to the final, the more absurd their opposition becomes: the hero then swims with a shark to race, then jumps on it with one knife. The megalodon itself is really impressive here: it is clear that the budget of 150 million was spent on a good cause. And although the outcome of his duel with Statem was predetermined a long time ago, you will have to admit - this time Jason got a worthy opponent
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