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Brian Fee
1h 42 min.
Animation 3D

Story 3D Movie

The third part of the famous animated 3d movie vr about the wheelbarrows produced by Pixar Animation Studios and produced by Walt Disney Pictures comes to the big screens six years later. The responsible role of the director of the film was given to Brian Phi, who had not previously worked on the previous parts of the trilogy. 'Cars 3', is his debut in the career of the director.

While Lightning flashes, the race continues. It has always been so, but everything changes. The protagonist of the cartoon, a racing car named Molniya McQueen, because of its imperfection and backwardness in times of high technology is out of work. Now the world of high-speed racing cars come in a new generation of cars, not giving the legendary Lightning a single chance to come to the finish line first. But our hero is not so simple, as it may seem at first glance, and is ready to fight further, because he is a legend. Deciding to enter the trend, the hero turns to a young and very talented mechanic called Cruz Ramirez for help. She is a true professional and treats her work with all her heart. She is very carefully working out a plan for the return of Leadership Lightning, and for this she has everything she needs, including the latest equipment. Cruz also knows very well what weaknesses of opponents need to use McQueen to win.

Review 3D Movie


Cars 3 is probably just as good as the first one. Way better than Cars 2! It is really emotional. It has some good laughs! The story is amazing! The characters are great. I liked the new trainer Cruz Rameriez's character. We get some older cars and new younger generations like Jackson Storm. Good Ending (NO SPOILERS I PROMISE!). If you really like Cars 1, you're gonna love Cars 3!

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