Measuring the World 3D Blu Ray 2012

Measuring the World 3D Blu Ray 2012

Year: 2012
Country: Germany
Producer: Detlev Buck
Duration: 1h 59 min.
Cast: Albrecht Schuch, Baldanpurev Sambuu, Agi Ariunsaichan Dawaachu, Karl Markovics, Lennart Hänsel, Mercedes Jadea Diaz, Pascal Fiedler
Subtitles: German, Russian, English
Language: Russian, German
IMDB: 5.7
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Story 3D Movie

Germany of the early 18th century. The aristocrat Alexander von Humboldt was destined from birth to enjoy life in the ancestral castle, to go out to social events and hunting. But Alexander has dreamed of dangerous journeys since childhood. Karl Gauss, the son of the poor, was destined from birth to repeat the difficult fate of his parents. But Karl's bright talent helped him get out of the bottom. Alexander was destined to become an outstanding natural scientist, and Karl was destined to become a great mathematician. Fate moved these obsessed people towards each other to an epochal meeting

Review 3D Movie

The future great mathematician Friedrich Gauss was born into the family of an illiterate shoemaker and got to university thanks to the patronage of the Duke of Brunswick, to whom his school teacher reported about the talented boy.

The future great naturalist Alexander von Humboldt was the same Duke's godson. And if Gauss wanted to calculate the world, then Humboldt expected to measure it. In combination with the ancestral capital, this intention brought outstanding results – with his measuring instruments, the count traveled half the world and left a mark on a whole dozen scientific disciplines.

A homebody and a theorist, Gauss learned about his exploits from newspapers. As you know, every big step of humanity is generated by just a few individual individuals who need it most.

And, as usual, these individuals are not without oddities. For example, Gauss is portrayed in the film – and the book that preceded it – as a grouch, a genius, and to some extent autistic. Humboldt is responsible here for the opposite end of the spectrum. Yes, the world of ordinary human values is also far from him, but in general he is a practitioner, never discourages, never stops, and ultimately irritates others no less.

The life and fate of these Sheldon and Leonard of their time (the beginning of the XIX century and the Industrial Revolution) is illustrated in the film by a series of historical anecdotes. Here, suffering from his exclusivity, Gauss goes to the elderly Kant, but he – in obvious insanity – begins to tell him about sausage, and Gauss tries to kill himself. Meanwhile, somewhere in the Amazon jungle, Baron Humboldt, inspired by electric eels, is conducting an experiment on the electrical conductivity of tissues right on his back.

Here Gauss escapes from the marital bed on the wedding night to write down his guess concerning the calculation of the orbit of Jupiter. Meanwhile, Humboldt chews a human hand under the guise of a monkey at a dinner with aborigines and is very offended when they hint to him that this is cannibalism.

Here Gauss belatedly learns that a certain Napoleon is marching victoriously through Europe and no one cares about his equations, because the war. Humboldt, meanwhile, is cut off from the whole world in a very literal sense, suffering from hallucinations on the snow-covered ridges of the Cordillera.

Both of these dotted lines intersect closer to the finale, when the great minds who read about each other in the newspapers finally meet at the scientific congress of 1828. Moreover, Gauss behaves like an ill-mannered pig, and Humboldt turns out to be unpleasantly surprised by this strange type, with whom he so dreamed of meeting.

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Trailer Measuring the World 3D Blu Ray 2012
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