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Ready Player One 3D Blu Ray action plot is unfolding in the near future. While the storm storms are raging outside the window, and the Earth is on the verge of an environmental disaster, people prefer to dive into the world of online entertainment, rather than watching the real picture of the agony of the planet. Internet technology has stepped on unprecedented heights, and the main hit among online gamers is the latest project of genius James Halliday (Mark Rylens) called 'Oasis.' All the forces of the players are thrown to find three keys, the path to which will indicate the special 'Easter eggs'. Whoever will be able to find them, will get a multi-million dollar state of the recently deceased developer. The only catch is that the author of the game was obsessed with the culture of the 1980s, and there are not so many monuments of that era. Gamers literally bite into every movie, every book, to find a hint of a hint. The protagonist named Wade Watts (Tai Sheridan) is just one of those whom the rest refer to as 'hunters for easter eggs', as he goes daily to the virtual world not for the sake of the game, but for the sake of the treasure.

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I've noticed quite a few reviews here from book fans complaining that the movie wasn't true to the novel. As a fan of the book, let me just say that's true but it's fine. The overarching story is the same. The fact of the matter is with a nearly 400 page novel packed full of pop culture references, some things would have to be cut to make it onto the big screen. Partially it's an issue of length. Partially it's just the reality that the planets were never going to fully align to allow use of many of the properties from the novel. Yes, I loved the 2112, WarGames, D&D, Joust, et al references from the novel as much as the next person, but still I felt that Spielberg captured the wonder and fun and the story of the novel accurately, even if he did so using different references. The are actually some things I even think were an improvement from the book, especially the way they re-imagined I-R0k. The bottom line is, if you're a book reader, just take this movie for what it is, an alternate version of the story, written by the same person who wrote the novel.
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