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In the movie Treasure of the Four Crowns 3d blu ray, after their conquest of Spain in the VI century, the German Visigoth tribe made four golden crowns, according to legend, which contain the great
IMDB: 4,1
SIZE: 13.86 GB
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Dr. Henry Jared was a genius. He created a magnificent 3D wax museum, filling it with historical characters from Mark Antony and Cleopatra to Lincoln and his assassin.
IMDB: 7.1
SIZE: 42.06 GB
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A farce about a journalist working for a German magazine looking for a woman named Greta in England. The author is accompanied by his ex-lover, and during their search, their romantic relationship
IMDB: 4.3
SIZE: 8.75 GB
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The movie Taza, Son of Cochise 3D, the two sons of Apache chief cochise (Jeff Chandler) have conflicting views on white people who tremble on their land; Taza (Rock Hudson) advocates peaceful
IMDB: 5.8
SIZE: 13.86 GB
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Driven mad by nightmares he believes is caused by an ancient mask he once wore, the young archaeologist commits suicide.
IMDB: 5.9
SIZE: 8.74 GB
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Transitions 3D explores the intertwining lives of individuals at crucial moments in their journeys. The film delves into the complexities of human experiences, relationships, and the impact of
IMDB: 6,3
SIZE: 2.96 GB
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The film Silent Madness 3d blu ray begins with the fact that a certain Howard Jones was released from a psychiatric hospital. Dr. Joan Gilmore later finds out that this was done by mistake and goes
IMDB: 5.1
SIZE: 2.81 GB
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In the movie Amityville 3d blu ray, having exposed the "spiritual scammers" who hunted in the world-famous Amityville "haunted house", Reveal magazine reporter John Baxter
IMDB: 4,1
SIZE: 2.57 GB
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A Victorian aristocrat buys a former madhouse and converts it into a "love nest". Unknown to him, Jack the Ripper lives in secret passages lining the building.
IMDB: 4,8
SIZE: 13.57 GB
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Set near the turn of the 18th-century in China, thirteen women train to become nuns after they are ravaged by bandits.
IMDB: 5.7
SIZE: 44.84 GB
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A real military action during the last year of the Korean War is re-enacted on the spot with real soldiers.
IMDB: 6.0
SIZE: 21.28 GB
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For starters, a child cuts off someone's head with a guillotine... Director Paul Morrissey plays up some variations on the Prometheus myth, spicing the dish with plenty of violence and sex, and
IMDB: 5,8
SIZE: 24.23 GB
aquaman and the lost kingdom 3d movie