Guest posting guidelines for the 3D-HD

Thank you for your interest in writing a publication for 3D-HD! Please take a moment to read this page before submitting your request - it will help us understand how to prepare high quality material that will be a good fit for us. We will not consider submissions that do not follow our guidelines.

Why publish on the 3D-HD blog

If you have topics you would like to share with our readers, suggest them to us and we will negotiate terms. This could be a format of payment per article or a link to your site.

About 3D-HD Blog

3D-HD CLUB is a site dedicated to 3D movies. Here you can find and download both official 3D releases and our own 3D conversions from JFC and DGC.

Our blog topics focus on 3D and VR industry and technologies, reviews of new 3d movies, instructions on how to use tools to watch 3d movies on 3D TV, 3D projectors or VR devices and so on. Among the readers of the 3D-HD blog there are both beginners and experienced 3d users, so we publish a wide range of publication types:

  • instructions and tips on how to connect and view 3D;
  • 3D and VR industry trends and insights;
  • 3D movie reviews.

Our publications aim to help readers learn more about 3D and give this technology a second life.

Who we write for

  • People who are passionate about 3D and VR technologies;
  • People who enjoy watching movies.

What topics we are interested in

  • 3D and VR technologies,
  • 3D movies,
  • The experience of watching 3D movies in VR on different types of glasses and VR players,
  • ...and anything else related to 3D and VR technologies.

Publication Requirements

  • Only write an article if you are knowledgeable on the topic and have real-world experience.
  • Write about something that will help the target audience of our blog to solve a specific problem. 
  • We publish only unique text

Link to your website or money

If you receive money from us on the article, we do not put a link to your site. And if you need a link, such conditions are discussed individually.

How to submit an article

First the topic is agreed with the administrator For this purpose write in a few words your experience in and the topic for the article. Send an email to