Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe, 2015 VR 360

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16-08-2023, 10:17

The Livingstone island is situated in the middle of the river and usually is surrounded by water. During a dry season the water level decreases, and you can walk on foot to the island. However, this island is a private territory, so the number of people permitted to visit it is limited and they have to be accompanied by the guide.

The most interesting thing that attracts the visitors here is the Devil's Pool. Near the very edge of the waterfall there is a small deepening with a weak water flow. You can look over the edge and see how the huge amount of water falls into nowhere. It looks absolutely amazing! In order to get to the pool you have to swim across a small channel, walk on a stone ridge and then slide down into the pool.

During the rainy season around 500 000 tons of water run through the waterfall every minute. At the time of our arrival that amount was much less, but still it looked very impressive. The falling water was making such a noise that you could hardly talk while standing near it.

The Zambezi is famous not only for the Victoria Falls, but also for its rapids: rafting and kayak amateurs from all over the world come here.

Trailer Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe, 2015 VR 360
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