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3D film Moana is a real exciting adventure for the whole family from people who gave us such animated films as: 'City of Heroes 3D', 'Volt 3D', 'The Emperor's Adventures 3D', 'Little Mermaid 3D', 'Hercules 3D', 'Mulan 3D', 'Aladdin 3D' and many others. Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of a fairy tale that will not leave anyone indifferent. Download 3d film Moana now!

An exciting story about the adventures of a teenage girl named Moana Vayaliki, who dared to go on a journey and take on an impossible mission - to complete the work begun by her ancestors. Since childhood, familiar with the laws of navigation, the fearless Princess Moana goes in search of a mysterious island. During his amazing journey, Moana meets the mischievous demigod trickster Maui. Together they will meet face to face with sea monsters, visit the depths of the ocean and plunge into the world of ancient legends and tales.

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In ancient times, the arrogant and mischievous demigod Maui stole the heart of the goddess Te Fiti, the great ancestor of the islands of the Pacific. Since then, a curse has spread around the world that kills all life in water and on land. To hide from the misfortune, the inhabitants of the archipelago settled on a distant island and refused to sail. But when the curse did reach the island, the ocean chose the young daughter of leader Moana to find Maui and return Te Fiti's heart.


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