Resident Evil 3D Blu Ray 2002

Resident Evil 3D Blu Ray 2002

Year: 2002
Country: UK
Producer: Paul W.S. Anderson
Duration: 1h 40 min.
Format 3D: 2D to 3D
Cast: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Ryan McCluskey, Oscar Pearce, Indra Ové
Subtitles: English
Language: English
IMDB: 6.6
Story 3D Movie
Something terrible hides in "Hive" - a huge underground genetic laboratory. They say that the huge Red Queen supercomputer, which controls the Hive, blocks the exit from the laboratory and kills everyone who falls into a terrible trap. But the fact is that none of the Red Queen's prisoners die - they all turn into voracious mutants who roam the dark dungeon as shadows. One of their bites or just a scratch of their terrible claws introduces a terrible and contagious virus into the human body, turning good people into vicious and nasty mutants.
Alice and Rain must lead a brave group of "commandos" designed to destroy the dangerous virus forever. Alice and her group have three hours to complete their mission. Destroy the virus before it spreads across the Earth...
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Trailer Resident Evil 3D Blu Ray 2002
Latest comments (4)
  1. Elsius
    28 December 2022 10:04

    This is before JFC releases

    How's the quality since it says 2D to 3D?

    I don't want to waste time.


    1. 3D ADMIN
      30 December 2022 10:45
      yes it is old convert
  2. Edunetto
    1 March 2023 16:15

    hello my dear JFC, could you re-release one

    Another version of this movie? because this one was very bad, both in the quality of the video and in the 3D. in general it is very bad and does not represent the JFC quality standards that I know. I ask you please to answer my request, you don't need to force it too much, a simple automatic conversion to Full SBS 3D 3840x1080p created in JFC standards will certainly be 10 times better than that. I'm collecting the resident evil franchise and they were all downloaded exclusively from here, but when I started watching, disappointment came and I stopped so as not to spoil the experience. thank you so much for the latest releases...

    10 March 2023 12:02

    Your request for a different format is accepted, we will consider it.

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